Heather Brenner – Heather is married to Bob and together they have three boys and a busy life! She loves her hometown and wanted to stay here to raise her family, but also nourish her love of fashion and design. In the last twenty-two years, Heather has travelled all over to find the best of these fashion trends and bring them here to Broadway for all of you. With your continued support, she will continue to expand her horizons and anything can happen. Her style is classic and tradition as she’s a true Karen Kane girl. She doesn’t have a lot of time, so her style has to be easy!

Heather Hodowanic – With a busy life (and a little crazy!), Heather fits in perfect at Broadway. She loves the outdoors, especially with the younger man in her life, her 6 year old son, Carson. She has to be comfy but can’t sacrifice cute and loves to add color with accessories. Heather also loves the latest trends and right now she’s all about big, chunky jewelry; her faves are M. Rena and Brighton. The rumor has it that she’s a bit dreamy and she admits that she’s currently dreaming about sandy beaches, laying in the sun, and sipping on a margarita. Can’t blame a girl for dreaming! 

Sandy Thorson – 40+ years of marital bliss + 2 amazing kids + 2 adorable grandsons +33 years as an educator + working my “dream” at Broadway = 1 phenomenal life! Sandy’s fashion style/sense was classic/tailored but is now it is “Broadway” style, making her totally out of her “comfort” zone, but she loves it!

Vicki Bresina – Vicki has been married for 34 years to her best friend, Jeff. Together they have two children, Carly (Cody) Overgard and Alex, as well as a grandchild, Olivia Rae. Jeff and Vicki build their own retirement home on Otter Lake. After living in Chippewa their entire lives, they made the decision to move to Stanley eight years ago. Vicki worked for the Chippewa Falls School District for twenty years as a Library Para Educator. Prior to this, Vicki spent 20 years managing delicatessen’s from Chippewa to St. Paul, as well as working in design at a local furniture store. She’s a self-professed workaholic, always having two or more jobs. Her favorite items at Broadway are her Bernie Mev shoes; it’s all about comfort for her! Vicki also loves Brighton jewelry and handbags and our Liverpool denim is a must have!

Debbie Plombon – Debbie is married to her husband Keith, who works in the receiving area at Broadway (he’s known as the “Cardboard King and Garbage Guy”). Her son, Levi, just turned “legal age” and her daughter Jessica will be graduating from college this spring! She says, “Woo-hoo, no more college tuition to pay, so I’ll have a little extra to spend at Broadway!” When asked what her guilty pleasure is, she said that even though she finds it difficult to just relax and do nothing, when the summer comes and the sun is shining full blast, she loves to lay in it and soack up the rays!

Jackie Siddons – Jackie has been married 50 years (to the same man, Larry!) and lived many years in Florida while she owned a landscape and interiorscape design firm. Her many years of shopping “research” finally paid off with her job here at Broadway! Jackie’s style is eclectic, with a Bohemian edge. Her motto is, “You can never have too many cute clothes!” She loves liverpool denim. When asked what one thing is most important to her, Jackie responded, “Time… it is always slipping away. Spend it lavishingly with family and friends!” Sounds good, Jackie!