Mysterious North Shore Lake Superior: 2nd Edition Book


 Read 20 chilling stories about shipwrecks and reportedly true encounters with ghosts, UFOs, bigfoot, and other unexplained phenomena in northeastern Minnesota.  

Minnesota seems to be a magnet for the paranormal, and this collection of 20 “ghost stories” presents the freakiest, most surprising tales of Minnesota’s North Shore!  

Local authors William and Kathryn Mayo grew up in Minnesota—with a shared fascination for things that go bump in the night. As adults, the professional writers spent countless hours combing the region for the strangest and scariest run-ins with the unexplained.  

Horror fans will delight in these terrifying tales about haunted happenings, as well as harrowing reports of shipwrecks and animal attacks. They’re based on reportedly true accounts, proving that Lake Superior is the setting for some of the most compelling ghostly tales ever told. (paperback, 120 pages) 

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